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Facing the idea of getting a new driveway installed can be somewhat stressful and maybe overwhelming. Knowing what is involved in the process can help put your mind at ease. If you are looking to get a concrete driveway installed in Nashville, Tennessee, you will need a concrete contractor to get the job done.

Finding a company that will excel at your concrete work and makes sure you get the desired look you are going for. The employees should have a wealth of knowledge and a range of equipment, and a desire to deliver results you can count on when it comes to your concrete driveway.

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Turn-Key Concrete Services in Nashville

A driveway is a considerable investment for most people, and it is natural to worry about what you are investing in. You want to hire a contractor that offers turn-key services when it comes to concrete installation. A contractor that can do the job from start to finish is desirable.

There are four primary steps involved with a concrete driveway installation process.

  • Foundation preparation
  • Initial material
  • Manipulation of material
  • Hardening

The surface preparation may take the most time in the entire process, so make sure you have a contractor that will take their time. All grass and debris should be removed in the prep stage to ensure a stable foundation. Then the wood forms are installed around the perimeter. Gravel is added compacted, and then a metal reinforcement can be added. Next, the concrete is poured and made sure it has an even distribution. Your contractor should finish the surface evenly and leave it smooth. The driveway is left to harden or cure, a process that takes about a week.

Things to Consider Before You Replace or Install a Concrete Surface

When it comes to repair or to replace concrete, technology has changed our options over the years. Technology has made it easier to allow repair products to dry faster and be durable. It still, however, comes down to the extent of damage done to the concrete, whether you need to repair or entirely replace the concrete you have.

This usually is a case-by-case basis, and there is no one size fits all answer. A rule of thumb can be if the repair would need more than 2 inches of material, then you should replace and not repair the concrete. If the concrete was installed poorly to begin with, it might be cheaper to replace it instead of repairing everything that was done wrong. When you are looking to repair or replace your concrete, call a contractor you trust to give you the best decision.

Cost to Install Concrete

When it comes to installing concrete, the price can vary. Material is your most considerable cost that can vary depending on your location, the time of the year, and your contractor’s timeline. A concrete driveway can run you about $8-$18 per square foot. Concrete can be more depending on what all you have done and if you have decorative touches.

Most installations can run an average of $1800-$6000 depending on the factors mentioned above. The national average seems to be around $3000.

If you are getting a new install, you should expect to have added costs such as land excavation process of $1 per square foot. Rebar and wire mesh are added for about $1-$3 per square foot, and if you add sealing to prevent cracks and increase durability, you could look to spend even more.

Custom Concrete Driveways

A custom concrete driveway can set your home apart from the rest. Designs that resemble flagstone, slate, cobblestone, brick, and more can be achieved. The process includes resurfacing, stamping, staining the concrete, and then enjoying the new look. If looking at your driveway makes you sad or does not showcase your home the way you want it to look into custom concrete driveways.

The cost of custom concrete can also vary. A basic stamped driveway can cost between $8-$12 per square foot, but more involved projects can run as much as $18 per square foot.

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